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Inside the first urban railway in Vietnam

Sample car exhibited is 20m long, simulating 1/1 ratio in appearance, interior and exterior as real boat. The exhibition will take place from 10am on 29/10 to 17h on 30/11.

From 10am this morning (29/10), many people have seen the train at the A1 front yard, adjacent to the fountain – Giang Vo Exhibition Center, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. total area 390m2.
According to the design, decorative motifs show the cultural characteristics of Hanoi, with the symbol Khue Van The, in the middle of the train, the bottom is the letter Cat Linh – Ha Dong. Beveled bears are often found on high-speed trains, windshields, wide windows, modern look.

Sample car exhibited is 20m long, simulating 1/1 ratio in appearance, interior and exterior as real boat.


Each car has 8 doors up and down 1.3 meters wide for guests on both sides of the hull.

The car is about 2.8 meters wide, 6 seats long, two rows of curved to the middle of the car, along the way to help passengers standing stable on the east. The two ends of the carriage layout area reserved for wheelchairs, priority seats (yellow).
The interior color is light, the headboard, the handrails for guests standing on the green car; general interior of the car (ship chair, ceiling, wall, door) choose bright color, light feeling, clean, civilized in the car.

The seat panels are selected in a healthy shape, with the main color being green on the exterior. Seat uses Composite material with high durability, creating a feeling sitting comfortably for passengers, especially avoid feeling cold when sitting in winter


Handrails for guests standing on green carriages

The train uses a stainless steel case with a scratched surface.
The LED display is located above the doors, showing a clear, modern display of passenger information (arrival station, stop station, route map, time, and side). open door…).

At the two ends of each carriage there are two rows of seats reserved for pregnant women, the disabled; At the two ends of the motocycle, the wheelchair area will be arranged.

Signs remind people when using tram
Inside the cockpit of the ship
Toilet area with shiny white
Inside the ship, there is a structure of handrails, columns, options for arrangement of two rows of curved columns in the middle of the carriage, the sailors are more convenient when sitting with hands to the column; the middle column along the aisle between the carriages and the horizontal columns on both sides of the seat allows the passengers to stand stable when crowded on the car to ensure the spacious carriage space and aesthetics.
People are excited to experience sitting on the first urban railway in Vietnam
Visitors will be provided with a survey questionnaire so that the Railway Management Board can receive and review the appropriate shipbuilding process.
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