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The Cat Linh – Ha Dong train will be on display from October 29th

The model train of Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway was displayed and consulted at the Giang Vo Exhibition Center (Ha Noi).
According to Le Kim Thanh, General Director of the Railway Project Management Board (Ministry of Transport), the model car is shown 20 meters long, simulating the 1/1 ratio in appearance, . The exhibition time from 10h October 29 to 17h00 on November 30. Visitors will be provided with a survey questionnaire so that the Railway Management Board can receive and review the appropriate shipbuilding process.

According to the design, the beveled head is usually found on high speed trains, windshields, wide windows, modern look.


Decorative details reflect the cultural characteristics of Hanoi, the symbol Khue Van The in the middle of the train, the bottom is the letter Cat Linh – Ha Dong. The train uses a stainless steel case with a scratched surface. The dominant color is fresh green, creating a youthful, dynamic and friendly feeling for nature and the environment.

Inside the train, two rows of curved trays in the middle of the train make it easier for the trainer to sit with his fist in the column; the middle column along the aisle and the horizontal column on the two sides of the seat allow the passenger to stand steadily, creating a spacious space.

Seat uses high durability composite material, avoiding cold feeling in winter. The seats are arranged along the car under the window. At the two ends of each carriage there are two seats reserved for pregnant women, the disabled. At the two ends of the motocycle, the wheelchair area will be arranged.


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