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Buying railway train on Cat Linh – Ha Dong needs 1.300 billion

The Department of Traffic Management and Construction Quality has just announced the results of appraisal and approval of the cost of trains for the Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway overhead project is over 63 million USD, based on the certificate valuation of AASC Auditing Company Limited.


It is expected that the purchase of ships operating on Cat Linh urban railway in Ha Dong requires over $ 63 million. Picture: Phuong Son

In the process of appraisal and approval, the Department for Construction and Quality Management of Traffic Works has proposed the Ministry of Transport to adjust the item of trains and equipment imported under the EPC contract (design contract , supply of technological equipment and construction of works) shall be made on the unit prices according to the contractual prices already approved by the Government.

In addition, the Department also assesses the train cost estimation is non-market price (not available in Vietnam) should recommend to the Ministry of Transportation approved based on the valuation certificate of the Company liability AASC Audit Company Limited.

Regarding the cost of insurance, transporting the trains to the estimated cost of the project is approximately $ 4 million, which will be approved by the owner, according to the Department of Construction Quality Management is in accordance with the regulations. current.

Previously, the Railway Management Board submitted a report to the Ministry of Transport asking for approval of the railway procurement budget, which provided two scenarios: Option 1 based on comparison, Considering the value of the trains prepared by the general contractor, the evaluation value of the Transport Engineering Designing Corporation (TEDI), the estimated value after correcting errors and re-determining the exchange rate. $ 63.2 million (package value, train to the foot of the project).

Option 2 temporarily appraised the value of the train cost estimate on the basis of a total investment of $ 51.7 million including the cost of purchasing the train of more than $ 47 million and the reserve cost of $ 4.7 million. .

Since this is the first time in Vietnam to carry out the procurement package for railroad overhead railway and the complex nature of the estimation so far, the Railway Management Board has not yet submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Transport. in any way.

Cat Linh – Ha Dong Urban Railway No. 3 is about 13.5 km in length, designed to be double-track, 1,435 m in length, electrified, technical standards in accordance with Chinese design standards, earthquake resistant level 8.

According to the plan, by the end of 2015, the first urban railway of Hanoi must complete the infrastructure, there are some trains running trial to March 2016 the project will be completed and the main The way into operation.

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