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Announcement of the first and second phase of 2016 for the training in Vietnam to operate and exploit the Route 2A, Cat Linh – Ha Dong

Pursuant to Document No. 1154 / PTUDAĐS-KTTĐ dated 17/6/2016 of the Railway Project Management Board – Ministry of Transport on the progress of training in Vietnam, Hanoi Railway Project, Cat Linh – Ha Dong.

In accordance with the actual construction progress of the project, Hanoi Railway One Member Limited Company will adjust the time for the first and second phase 2016 recruitment examinations in order to train in Vietnam to operate the job. The 2A, Cat Linh – Ha Dong route is as follows:

  1. On Professional Interview and Interview with Batch 1 in 2016:

Professional examinations and interviews with candidates who have passed the final examinations will be held in July 2016. The company will notify the candidates directly when the official calendar.

Professional examination is not required for positions requiring minimum secondary education.

  1. Time for the second round of 2016:

Expected to pass the second phase of transition to September and October 2016. The company will announce the specific schedule on the website: and notify directly to the candidates.

Note: If the candidate has a change of personal information: telephone number, people’s ID number … please notify the Office of Hanoi Railways Co., Room 805 – 8th floor 315 Truong Chinh St., Khuong Mai Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi. Tel: 04.38553388 and 04.62593897.

Is pleased to announce ./.

 Download: [Human Resources Examination Announcement]

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