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Recruitment announcement phase 3 in 2016

Hanoi Railway One Member Limited Liability Company is a 100% State owned enterprise specializing in operation and maintenance of urban railways in Hanoi.

The company currently has the need to recruit staff to train the operation and operation of the railway 2A Cat Linh – Ha Dong in Vietnam, the number of recruitment phase 3 in 2016 (final batch) is 152 The duration of training is from 25 to 40 days, specifically for the training section, which is focused on 10 more days, specifically as follows:

Number Order Unit / Division Position Amount







Passenger Terminal

1.1.        Head of department 02
1.2.        General manager 02
1.3.        Ticket staff 01
1.4.        Safety staff 37
1.5.        General operation staff 02
1.6.        Permanent Staff 03
1.7.        Train the boat 10
1.8.        Test drive, ship 06
Plus 63
2 Moderation Section 2.1. Nhân viên điều độ tàu 01
2.2. Nhân viên Quản lý điều độ chạy tàu 01
2.3. Nhân viên điều phối điện 01
Plus 03
3 Parts inspection and repair of wagons 3.1. Nhân viên điều hành việc kiểm tra sửa chữa tàu 01
3.2. Nhân viên sửa chữa thiết bị máy móc định kỳ hàng tháng 01
3.3. Nhân viên Giám sát thiết bị cương vị B (Đường ray xe nhỏ, xe dùng cho sửa chữa, bảo hành) 01
Plus 03
4 Signal Inspection Repair Department 4.1. Information repairer 06
4.2. Signal repairman 08
4.3. Auto Ticket Fitter Repairer (AFC) 05
Plus 19
5 Electrical repair inspection department 5.1. Electrician 04
Plus 04
6 Rail Inspection Service 6.1. Head of department 01
6.2. Deputy Head of department 01
6.3. Test engineer measurement 01
6.4. Railroad maintenance man (including 3 employees looking for disabilities) 33
6.5. Railway management staff 02
Plus 38
7 Construction inspection department 7.1. Head of department 01
7.2. Deputy Head of Division 01
7.3. Repairers of works 14
Plus 16
8 Repair department of terminal equipment 8.1.General repair shop 06
Plus 06
Total 152


Application conditions:

+ Male / female from 20 to under 45, depending on the location;

+ Having professional diplomas and certificates suitable to the position and position of recruitment candidates;

+ Priority is given to permanent residents in Hanoi and Chinese;

+ Being physically fit, suitable to recruitment requirements;

+ Having an application for registration according to regulations, having a clear history, no criminal records, criminal records or women not in the maternity period.

Criteria for job placement: On the website:,

Benefits: The winners are trained in Vietnam under the training program and funding of the Project 2A Cat Linh – Cat Linh – Ha Dong.

Application forms include:

Application form: Curriculum Vitae with photo 4×6, certified by the competent body valid for the last 6 months.

– Copy of birth certificate, household registration certificate, ID card, diplomas, certificates and papers proving the working process

– A certificate of health of the National Hospital of Transportation at the request of the position is valid within the last 6 months;

– Submit 2 photos of 4x6cm, 02 stamped envelopes and note address.

Time of receipt: from 12/9/2016 to 10/20/2016, details by vacancies (morning from 8.30 – 11h30, from 14h00 to 16h30, except Saturday and Sunday).

Location: Office of the Company, Room 805, 8th floor, 315 Truong Chinh building, Khuong Mai Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi; Contact us: 043 8553388, 046 2593897 to meet the Administration – Organization Organization to support detailed information (if needed).

Note: Applicants must submit applications directly. The company is not responsible for explaining the reason and will not return the record when the staff fails to pass the test.

Recruitment announcement phase 3 in 2016

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