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Comparison of two trains in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

On the morning of October 29, the sample ship of Hanoi Urban Railway Project, Ha Dong – Cat Linh Line will be displayed at Giang Vo Exhibition Center (Hanoi). According to the railway management board, the exhibition time of the sample ship from 10h October 29 to 17h on November 30, 2015.

According to the plan, the Hanoi Railway project, the Cat Linh – Ha Dong route will carry out the procurement of 13 trains (52 carriages) built by Beijing-based Beijing Subway Equipment Co. Ltd. manufacturing. The 13 km long route, 1,435 mm gauge, train speed of 80 km / h, using Chinese ODA and counterpart fund of the Government of Vietnam.

The train has a top speed of 80 km / h, average speed of ≥ 35 km / h. Each car has 36 standard seats, capable of carrying 230 people (maximum 327 people). There are 42 standard seats, capacity of 250 persons (max 354 persons). Both trains have the capacity to carry 960 people (maximum 1,326 people).

The train will be operated in the first phase with a frequency of 5-6 minutes / trip; 2-3 minutes per trip, ensuring maximum transport capacity of about 28,500 passengers per hour / direction.

Previously, in March 2015, this metro model was displayed at Depot Metro (District 9, Ho Chi Minh City) so people could come to see and contribute comments in 3 months. The first subway car model of metro line 1 (Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien) was built by Hitachi, Japan.

It is known that Metro Line 1 from Ben Thanh to Suoi Tien is about 20 km long, with a capital investment of up to 2.4 billion. The service consists of two underground and overhead sections with a total of 14 stations (including 3 underground stations and 11 elevated stations) and a depot.

Some images of the two trains have been displayed for public comments:


The Ha Dong – Cat Linh trains use stainless steel case with fresh green paint surface being scratched. All trains have a head shape that is nontoxic, close to the aerodynamic shape. Windshield, window in harmony with the train across the train. The head is decorated with symbols Khue Van The, the bottom is the words Cat Linh – Ha Dong.

For the metro subway, the bodywork design is rounded down to emphasize strong aerodynamics, the hull is made of aluminum and stainless steel. The train is blue to show the young, strong and pleasant in the environment of Vietnam. (Image: Worker).

The interior of the train car Ha Dong – Cat Linh is arranged two rows of curved to the middle, the train is more convenient when sitting in the column. The middle column along the walkway between the car and the pillar at the two sides of the seat allows passengers to stay stable when crowded on the car, ensuring a spacious and aesthetic carriage space.

Meanwhile, the interior design of the metro is quite spacious, each car can hold up to 300 passengers. (Image: Worker).

Modern Cabin of the tram line Ha Dong – Cat Linh.

Metro subway, cabin located at both ends of the train width by car width and completely closed. The driver can observe passengers and other activities through the camera system. (Image: Worker).

Ha Dong – Cat Linh trains are being procured from Beijing Subway Equipment Co., Ltd.

For subway trains, the equipment is closed in Japan. Photo: Zing.

The handrail of the tram line Ha Dong – Cat Linh is also designed with blue mainstream.

On each metro train, there are 127 hooks with the same handrail with two different heights for the passengers, ensuring safety when moving. Photo: Zing.

Seats use Composite material with high durability, feeling comfortable seats for passengers, especially avoid feeling cold when sitting in winter.

Each of the 45-seat metro trains, long plastic seats, are installed along the sides of the car, made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. (Image: Worker).

At the two ends of each car, there are two rows of seats reserved for pregnant women, the disabled, and wheelchair areas.

The metro line also has notice of seating reserved for people with disabilities. (Image: Worker).

Doors up and down the Ha Dong – Cat Linh line are designed automatically. Above the door is the route map and many other alerts …

Doors up and down the subways of the metro simple. (Image: Worker).

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