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Building more light overpasses, Hanoi will pay the price

It is possible that there will be a dozen bridges over the same, arranged around Hanoi, and it will cause the city to ruin the landscape and architecture.

>> Hanoi will have three overpass assembly this year
>> Ho Chi Minh city began to build bridges over the assembly of Hanoi

As soon as the traffic light 2 bridge overcoming the effect of reducing congestion, the Hanoi city leaders continuously concerned units started the construction of a number of light overpass. However, this solution is really a salvation for the traffic?

Series of light bridge over the assembly is built simultaneously.

In early 2012, after implementing a series of solutions to prevent traffic jams: changing working hours, school hours; dividing lanes; Parking is not allowed on 262 major streets … but the situation of traffic jams in the capital has not changed much, Hanoi has built bridges overtly assembled steel at some crossroads to prevent congestion in place.

On 26/4, after 3 months of construction, two overpasses at the crossroads: Chua Boc – Thai Ha – Son Tay and Lang Ha – Thai Ha – Huynh Thuc resistance was officially put into use. .

After the two bridges were cleared, a significant reduction in congestion occurred at the bridges. More than a week later, leaders of the Hanoi People’s Committee repeatedly planned to build a series of other light bridges at the regular junction intersection.

After the success of the two overpasses, the 11th of May, Ha Noi has started the bridge over the fourth river over the To Lich River at the crossroads: Lang Ha – Le Van Luong. The 9m wide bridge (2 lanes, 2 lanes) is designed to span steel beams, reinforced concrete. The total weight of the girder is up to 1,000 tons. Expected, the inauguration ceremony on October 10, the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the liberation of the capital. Previously, on 8/5, a light bridge over steel assembly in Hanoi at the intersection of Lang – Tran Duy Hung has been officially started.

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The crossroads of Chua Boc – Thai Ha – Son Tay crossroads have just been opened

At the meeting with relevant departments and agencies on transportation issues in the capital, Nguyen Van Khoi, vice chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, asked the concerned units to start construction and completion of this year add three overpass dump limited traffic jams in the area.

In addition, the Department of Transport should speed up the project, strive to start construction in late June 2012 a series of overpasses steel structure at the intersection Dai Co Viet – Tran Khat Chan, Chua Boc – Pham Ngoc Thach, Bach Mai – Le Thanh Nghi …

Most recently, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen The Thao asked to study the two-tiered flyovers at the Daewoo intersection to resolve traffic conflicts here. It is unclear whether the overpass at this intersection will be constructed in permanent or temporary structure. However, city leaders asked the units assigned to study and report immediately in May for consideration and decision.

According to the construction plan from now to 2015, Hanoi will build more light bridges at the junctions: Hoang Quoc Viet – Pham Van Dong, North Thang Long Thang – Nam Dong, Nguyen Son – Nguyen Van Cu and renovated. , expansion of the Kim Ma – Lieu Giai, 69 – Pham Van Dong, Co Nhue – Pham Van Dong …


A light flyover would be “salvage” or “great” for the capital traffic?


According to Dr Dao Ngoc Nghiem, vice chairman of Hanoi Architecture Planning Association, the construction of overpass bridge is the solution in the context of traffic congestion and economic difficulties today. This solution is effective, but the exposure exists very clearly. Despite the low cost, but still limited to vehicles, large trucks are not on the bridge, still conflict with the media flow below.

“In 2008, when expanding Hanoi, the traffic planning issue should be addressed, but now there is no traffic planning, so we have to solve the situation,” said Dr. Nghiem.

However, Dr. Nghiem also said that in the future, if the construction of highways, overhead rail lines may have to dismantle the overpass, so will cause waste. Transport is the content of the master plan of space, must consider the long-term vision and immediate in each area. Do not have periodic thinking, because the immediate vision that breaks the landscape to the next generation must suffer.

“In the current context, when the bridge can not be built, it is still possible to build steel bridge, parallel to exploit the bridge is to correct the traffic planning. Before the construction of each temporary overpass, we need to determine the time of use. The situation is resolved to a certain degree, but not the situation to replace the long term, “said Vice Chairman of Hanoi Architectural Planning Association.

Dr Ho Tuan Sy, an expert in the construction field, questioned whether Hanoi was too hasty when building more light bridges. Not only that, he worries, the construction of light bridges will be one of the risk of breaking the architecture of the city.

“In fact, due to the over-investment, two over-light bridges just inaugurated just to give the people of the capital feel free to escape congestion at these two intersections. However, from the perspective of architectural landscape, it would be too bad to look at all angles at these two intersections, “said Dr. Sy.

A specialist in the field of construction said that Hanoi has arranged for bridges in crowded areas like the front gate of the University of Transport, However, if the planning of Hanoi city indicated that after 2012 will relocate universities and hospitals out of the city, then the overpass is still appropriate?

Likewise, how does the current Hanoi traffic plan cater for the population? After 5-10 years, when the structure and traffic planning are reshaped, the bridges are slightly overrun?

Dr Si said that the architectural landscape of two Thai Ha – Chua Boc and Lang – Huynh Phung Khang crossroads is completely different, but the two newly designed bridges are designed similarly. total investment, due to geological factors, foundation treatment. And then, if any “old arrangements”, whether Hanoi has a bridge over any other architecture?

It is possible that there will be a dozen bridges over the same, arranged around Hanoi, and it will cause the city to ruin the landscape and architecture.

“How many bridges are over, at which intersections need to be calculated based on the overall traffic planning problem for the capital, but I can not see the switch, there is enough space to do light bridge. Should not repeat the old lesson, when the bridge crossing Vong Crossroads, crossroads … and then when it is intended to build the ring road 2, headache to see if we have to break? ” point.

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