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Super heavy vehicle “escort” Cat Linh – Ha Dong train

[Dân Trí] Cat Linh – Ha Dong train consists of 4 special carriages transported by super-sized vehicles, super weight. In order to “escort” a 35 tonne freight train from Hai Phong port to Hanoi, the transport unit must use a 640 tonne truck with 136 wheels, the train needs 4 cars corresponding to 544 wheels .

544 bánh xe siêu trường siêu trọng “hộ tống” đoàn tàu Cát Linh - Hà Đông

The transporter said that the use of cars and tractors with load, drag much larger than the load of the train to ensure absolute safety.

Chiếc xe siêu trường siêu trọng với 136 bánh chỉ chuyên chở được 1 toa tàu

The super-sized supercar with 136 wheels can carry only one car

It is known that initially the train will be crane on high railway rails on the night of 19/2, at La Khe station. However, because the Chinese contractor has not agreed to the plan implementation, the plan has changed, most likely the train will be put on the night 20/2. Cat Linh – Ha Dong first train consisting of two coaches with combined head and two carriages, transported by special vehicles, super-weight to Ha Noi in the morning of 19/2 and temporarily set up on Van Phu (Ha Dong district) , through the Van Phu urban area.

Đoàn tàu được chuyên chở bằng 4 chiếc xe siêu trường siêu trọng đỗ dọc đường Văn Phú

The train was transported by four super-large vehicles parked along Van Phu

 Những chiếc xe dã chiến
The vehicles “field battle”
Luôn có người bảo vệ, giám sát đoàn xe
There are always guard, supervision of the convoy
Cận cảnh những toa tàu được vận chuyển bằng xe siêu trường siêu trọng
Close-ups of freight cars are transported by super-weight vehicles
 Phía sau đoàn xe chở các toa tàu là một chiếc xe cẩu
Behind the train carrying the car was a crane
 Một chiếc xe chuyên dụng khác theo đoàn hộ tống.

Another dedicated car under the “escort”.

The carriages are held in chains.
Undercarriage of motor car.
Technical boxes in passenger cars. According to Project Management Unit C, in order to serve the project, the contractor ordered 13 trains.
The train is about 20 m long and can accommodate more than 300 people. The cockpit is about 5m2 wide. The seat is designed in the right corner of the car. The cockpit is equipped with electronic screens, walkie-talkies, telephones … According to the management, this train is a bit changed and improved compared to the model ship exhibited in 2015.
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