Revolutionizing public

transport in the capital

Meaning of symbols



  • Blue: Characteristic of environmentally friendly public transport, showing balanced harmony, trust and reliability.
  • Red: the color of the national flag of Vietnam. Red meaning of prosperity, good luck.
  • Yellow: yellow star of the national flag of Vietnam. Yellow represents wisdom, creativity and vitality.

Form of performance: The logo design is divided into two distinct parts: symbol part and brand name part.

The icon is designed M style strong, stylized characteristics of urban rail (Metro). The two-sided arc representing the image of the metro tunnel, which is pushing the star up high represents the convergence of the member units of the Hanoi Metro Company.

The golden star representing Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, is a gathering of quintessential and creative values ​​affirming the position of Hanoi Metro.

The circular layout of the logo shows the roundness, integrity. The breakthrough of the star from the circular layout symbolizes the global vision of the business, determined to bring the brand out and stand on the international market.

Brand name with modern font, simple but very powerful, has been detailed variation to create unique, creative.

Conclude: All colors and forms of the logo represent a complete image of Hanoi Metro, conveying the message of the business to the business and future development path.

Unique design, impressive, expressive, easy to remember, easy to recognize, easy to express on any quality. Thereby, to increase the opportunity to affirm prestige and position for the Hanoi Metro brand.

Theo Hanoi Metro