Revolutionizing public

transport in the capital

Metro culture

1. Chairs for the elderly, children, pregnant women and people with disabilities.

2. Put your phone in silent mode and speak with moderate volume so you do not disturb the people around you.

3. Do not take photos with the flash or use lighting equipment (that is dangerous for the boat).

4. For people with disabilities using wheelchairs (or mothers-children using pushcarts): Ask for help from station staff.

5. Do not board the train when the hatch has started and does not push at the waiting position (can fall down the rails). Do not use the phone while on the train.

6. Follow the instructions of the station staff (wearing uniforms).

7. Do not carry prohibited baggage on board as prescribed.

8. Do not smoke during the journey (train station, train).

9. Put rubbish in the bin at the right place.

Talk quietly.

Never walk on the trackbed.

Do not attempt to get on/off the train when the doors are closing.

Do not drink/eat on the

Put trash in trash bins, maintain cleanliness.

Give priority seats to the seniors, people with disabilities, pregnant women and children.

As for staff assistance when you use wheelchair or other mobility devices.

Follow official instructions at all times.

Do not smoke on vehicles or in stations.

Do not carry prohibited items in accordance with the Vietnamese law

Do not take flash photo, nor use any lighting devices that may distract train drivers.

Pets are not allowed on
trains unless they are
assistance animals
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