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As one of the first complex projects in Hanoi with a direct urban rail link to the trade center, the Discovery Complex is a model for modern transport models that have been widely deployed throughout. countries in the world.

Due to the presence of this kind of traffic, the distance traveled from the Discovery Complex to other points in the city instead of km will be measured in minutes. Reporter had a talk with Mr. Tran Duc Minh, Chairman of Cau Giay Investment Services Trade Joint Stock Company, investor of Discovery Complex, about the changes in infrastructure affecting real estate projects.

Hình ảnh Nhất cận thị nhì cận “nhà ga tàu điện” số 1
Discovery Complex project landscape

Real estate market is quite quiet, the belief that Cau Giay Investment Services Trade Joint Stock Company continues to target high-end projects?

As the society grows, the demand for a place to live is integrated with modern conveniences and convenience when moving along the development. As a real estate agent, we are targeting these very specific needs, while continuing to capitalize on the experience, capital, and especially the “golden” position of real estate.

Offering at only VND27 million / m2, is Discovery Complex pioneering the trend of high-end luxury apartments?

Just over a year ago, the market was flooded with information on low-income houses, small apartments, mini apartments, many experts predict that this will be the market leader. However, the segment that was “noisy” at this appearance did not boom as expected. The market seems to be dedicated to high quality products, good prices, reasonable design from reputable units.

With many years of experience as a real estate agent, we understand that in order to survive in this period, real estate products need to be designed closer to real needs rather than mass as before. Similarly, the price offered must also be close to the ability of the buyer to pay, competitive but still ensure the quality factor.

Hanoi has embarked on the deployment of urban railways, contributing to the changing appearance of the city’s transport infrastructure. How does this affect real estate projects?

In the world, more than 100 years ago, when there were no modern means of transport, the distance from one location to another would be measured by geographic length. However, as modern vehicles develop to deliver superior user convenience, the distance between locations will only be calculated by the travel time.

For us, the development of urban railways will help to complete the picture of the overall transport infrastructure. This is really a plus for real estate projects with urban railway running through and will become an important factor for people to choose real estate in the future. The central district concept will no longer matter where real estate will tend to be allocated according to the development of transport infrastructure.

With Discovery Complex, the project will enjoy the advantages when the first phase of the urban railway section Nhon – Hanoi Station directly connected to the project at Terminal 7 will be completed by the end of 2015, only Months before the handover of the apartment?

Experience from many countries in the world, urban railways, subways, overhead trains, fast bus routes … will certainly have a significant impact on the real estate market in general. and segment of housing, rental housing and trade in particular.

Old studies from 1846 in London have shown that monthly or weekly rents near the station are about 10-25% higher than in areas far from the station. In Asia, studies in 2009 in Bangkok (Thailand) have shown that the real estate market has increased its supply by five times over the overhead tram lines. And the latest study in Shanghai shows that every meter closer to the station than house prices increases by about 152 yuan per square meter.

With the Discovery Complex project, this is probably the first case in which we should contemplate the “near-sighted” connection in the metro station in Vietnam.

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