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Decision promulgating regulations on information disclosure Hanoi Railways Limited Company

Pursuant to the Law on Enterprises;

Pursuant to Decree 81/2015 / ND-CP dated 18/9/2015 of the Government on disclosure of information of State owned enterprises;

Pursuant to Document No. 6560 / UBND-KT dated 14/11/2016 of the Hanoi People’s Committee on the disclosure of information of State owned enterprises under the City People’s Committee;

Pursuant to Decision No. 6266 / QĐ-UBND dated 27/11/2014 of the Hanoi People’s Committee on the establishment of Hanoi Railway One Member Limited Liability Company;

Pursuant to the Charter on Organization and Operation of Hanoi Railway Company Limited;

Based on the characteristics of the actual operation situation at the Company and considering the proposal of the Head of Administration – Organization.


Article 1.- To promulgate together with this Decision the Regulation on information disclosure of Hanoi Railway One Member Limited Company.

Article 2.- This Decision takes effect from the date of its signing.

Article 3.- The managers of the enterprises, the professional sections and the concerned units and individuals shall have to implement this Decision.



(signed and sealed)

Vu Hong Truong

See attached documents:

01 – QD + Regulation on disclosure of information

02 – CV – Information disclosure

03 – Annex I – Notification of representative at law

04 – Annex II – Power of attorney to disclose information

05 – Overview of the business

06 – Annex IV – Production, business and development plan for 2017

07 – Annex VIII – BC Current governance and organizational structure.

08 – Appendix X – BC salary and bonus regime of the company

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