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Notification of Training Schedule

Implement the training plan of the investor and the general contractor, Hanoi metro one member limited company notice the plan for training practical training as follows:

Stage 1: Concentrated 8h00 on October 20, 1818 at the College Railway College, address: Gia Quat – Long Bien – Hanoi.

Part Position Time and place
Division (center) of the passenger ship Chief, Deputy Division

Time 8h00 on October 20, 1818 at the Vocational College Railway – Gia Quat – Long Bien – Hanoi


Senior Management Officer
Staff Ship management techniques
Staff Navigational engineer
Staff Signal monitor
Guidance Officer
People Test Drive, high class shipwreck
Train people, take the train
Moderation Section


Cruise Control Officer
Cruise control staff
Information Center Information Management Engineer
Repairer Information
Division (Center) Signals Signal Management Engineer
Signal repairman
Parts (Central) Electric modulation Chief, Deputy Division
Electrical Engineer
Electrical tester
Electrical Coordinator
Department (center) KTSC Tàu/ĐMTX Chief, Deputy Division
Technical Management staff check repair
Technical staff check repair
Technical Assistant staff check repair
Executive Officer repair / supervision
Co-ordinator of ship inspection / oversight
Senior Officer inspects electrical equipment on board
Employee Inspection of electrical equipment on board
Senior staff inspecting machinery equipment on board
Employee Inspection of machinery equipment on board
Monthly management / repair staff / primary supervisor
Senior staff repaired electrical equipment monthly
Monthly electrical equipment repair workers
Senior staff repair mechanical equipment / machinery monthly
Repairing of mechanical equipment / machinery periodically
Employee Equipment Management
Operators operating equipment position B
Operators operating equipment position C
Employee Monitoring Equipment B position
Control unit for environmental control, operation chart Regulatory staff, environmental control
Employee Chart Management Operator


Stage 2: The beginning of November 2018 is expected to focus on training and practice starting in November, 1818 (the specific calendar will be announced later).

Part Position Time and place
Parts (central)  station Head of department

In the beginning of November, 1818, he attended the Vocational College of Railway – Gia Quat – Long Bien – Hanoi



Administrative Officer
Head of work
General Manager
Ticket staff
Safety Officer
General Operations Officer
Parts (Center) Railways Chief of Division, Vice Division
Railway engineer
Test engineer measurement
The maintenance of the railroad
Division (Center) Works Chief of Division, Vice Division
Bridge engineer tunnel
Electrical engineer
Repairers repair works
AFC Division AFC Management Engineer
AFC repair worker
Parts (Central) Station Equipment Head of department
Deputy Head of Safety
Deputy Head of Production
Technical Management Specialist
General repair shop
Division (Division) Ship Management Ship Management Officer
Terminal Management Passenger Ticket Management Officer
Business Service Personnel
Management Officer collects tickets automatically
Construction management department Construction Equipment Manager
Terminal Equipment Management Terminal Equipment Manager
Power Management Department Electrical Equipment Management Officer
 Management department AFC Equipment Manager
Information Device Manager
Signal Device Manager
Track Management Railway Management Staff
Management of rolling stock carriages Electrical Equipment Management Officer on board
hip Management Officer
Management department (room) Safety Safety Supervisor
Safety Supervisor Technical Equipment
Research Officer for Safeguards
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