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Recruitment announcement: the time for human resources recruitment phase 1 in 2016 to train in Vietnam to operate and exploit urban railway No. 2A, Cat Linh – Ha Dong

On March 1, 2016, Hanoi Railway One Member Limited Company issued Notice No. 23 / TB-ĐSHN on the recruitment of human resources in the first phase in 2016 to train in Vietnam to operate and operate the railways. Urban 2A, Cat Linh – Ha Dong, in which the expected time of testing from May 7, 2016 to May 28, 2016.

Based on the actual requirements and to create conditions for many candidates have the opportunity to participate in the recruitment while the company has the best conditions to select the best manpower, on 25/4/2016 the company has issued notice No. 54 / TB-DTHN on extending the time of receiving dossiers till the end of 15/05/2016 for 04 vacancies in the first stage of 2016 in the section of passenger transportation.

Therefore, the expected time for recruiting candidates for the first phase in 2016 will be transferred to June 2016. After the official calendar, the company will specifically inform the candidates have the dossiers eligible for the contest.

Theo HMC admin